Tina Reilhan | Reiki Master Teacher | Calm Care Reiki

Welcome.  I offer you supportive space

for rest, release and renewal with Reiki care. 


I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master Level Practitioner

and Teacher registered with the Canadian Reiki Association

and the International Association of Reiki Professionals. 

I have been in professional practice since 2013.

Reiki Practitioners are not qualified

to counsel, diagnose illness or prescribe medication.

"I have found Reiki to be the best path back to my center. 

Tina provides an oasis for the soul, a simple and restful process to gather all my scattered bits back together.

After treatment I am rested, focused and centered. 

I cannot thank Tina enough for the peace I have found through her superb Reiki practice."

Pat B.

"My experience was overwhelmingly positive and put me in a state of deep relaxation to overcome the stressors in my life. I would highly recommend Calm Care Reiki."


Deb R.

"Tina's gift lies in her ability to bring me to total relaxation at the end of a stressful day.  I sleep better and am more focused after treatment."


Judith B.

"The simplicity of Tina's Reiki space puts me immediately into a tranquil frame of mind.  Her silent channeling of energy increases my feelings of contentment and peace. 

I leave feeling relaxed and restored."


Susan T.

"Tina's Reiki sessions really do wonders for me.  I can walk in with a stiff body, full of stress and walk out as the most peaceful version of myself.  Tina is a professional, compassionate and highly skilled Reiki practitioner.  Her treatment room feels warm and safe, allowing me to drift off and fully relax my mind and body.  Thank you so much Tina.  


Heather B.

Reiki care is a natural way to wellness. 

Dedicating time for deep rest is not a luxury but a vital part of healthy living. 


Unreleased stress, emotions and toxins disrupt your mental and physical health by restricting the flow of oxygen, nutrients and life energy throughout your body which are vital for cellular repair and renewal.


A Calm Care Reiki session supports deep rest, improved circulation of nurturing life energy and helps you to engage with the healing response in yourself.

No matter what the outer circumstances, each day holds an opportunity for insight, change and renewal.

Reconnect to healing life energy within you.