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"I have found Reiki to be the best path back to my center. Tina provides an oasis for the soul, a simple and restful process to gather all my scattered bits back together. After treatment I am rested, focused and centered. I cannot thank Tina enough for the peace I have found through her superb Reiki practice."


Pat B.

"My experience was overwhelmingly positive and put me in a state of deep relaxation to overcome the stressors in my life. I would highly recommend Calm Care Reiki."


Deb R.

"I worked hard on finding a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher who would feel right for me. When I had my first session with Tina I knew I had found her. Reiki really had an effect on me and after a few sessions I wanted to train with her. After earning my Reiki Practitioner Level I certification with Tina I moved across the country. My Reiki connection remains strong with daily self care and remote therapeutic sessions with Tina. I fully recommend her and hope to continue my in-person education with her in future."


Marilia R.

"Tina's Reiki sessions really do wonders for me.  I can walk in with a stiff body, full of stress and walk out as the most peaceful version of myself. She is a professional, compassionate and highly skilled Reiki Practitioner. Her treatment room feels warm and safe, allowing me to drift off and fully relax my mind and body."  


Heather B.

"The simplicity of Tina's Reiki space puts me immediately into a tranquil frame of mind. Her silent channeling of energy increases my feelings of contentment and peace. I leave feeling relaxed and restored."


Susan T.

"I am grateful to Tina for her Usui Reiki Practitioner Level II course. She was exactly the kind of teacher I was looking for in taking this next step in my Reiki journey. Her depth of knowledge and experience shone in her creative presentation of the information and practices. Also I appreciate that she patiently answered my myriad questions. I found the structure of having the week to practice in between the two classes ideal for fostering learning and allowing space for questions to arise."


Alison B.

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