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Reiki Reflections

Reiki Presence

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Many modern Reiki practitioners lack presence. Having been technically certified in Levels I, II, III Master and even IV Teacher, they can become disenchanted with themselves and their Reiki practice for reasons they cannot yet understand.

After some soul searching, reading and possibly internet research, the lucky ones realize that they have not been practicing the essence of traditional Japanese Reiki, the spiritual development of the practitioner, and have instead been relying on outer techniques, charm, hope, faith, will, expectations, assumptions, conditions and add on modalities.

The good news is that it is never too late for you to begin a daily spiritual practice with the core element of traditional Japanese Reiki, The Precepts. This deceptively simple set of timeless guidelines for healthy presence is the only known written legacy of the awakened founder of Reiki. Each carefully chosen word can be visualized, written, chanted and contemplated to learn more and more about yourself each day for a lifetime.

Commit to daily self healing with Reiki and see how it will continue to enhance your presence and deepen your practice for the greater good.



We want to have full lives.  Current western media and economics have many of us believing that this means doing as much as we can fit into each moment of the day, constantly striving, competing, comparing, achieving, acquiring and seeking to be validated for our efforts every step of the way.


This mindset leaves little time for rest and renewal which is vital for mental and physical health.  Compassion and creative insight which nurture and invigorate ourselves and our communities can only exist in places where value is placed on healthy living rather than just coping.


Valuing self care, each other and mindful practices such as Reiki is an energetic investment that will transform the restlessness and insecurity of searching for meaning outside of ourselves and over time will yield the priceless benefit of greater peace of mind in all outer circumstances.

Reiki For Meaning

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Connecting with our self is the foundation for helping others.  Spending quiet time with our self each day teaches us what we need to be well deep down regardless of outer circumstances.  From this place of inner calm and vitality we will start to notice that we are a part of a generous life energy that extends beyond our self to include everything else that is on its own life path. 


Practicing Reiki with deepening awareness that we all belong equally to the bigger picture will guide us to hold respectful healing space for our self and others that is free from intellectual and emotional limitations.  If we choose to grow from the inside out like this we can regain a spacious state of mind, reconnect to unifying life energy and contribute our best self to the world.

Reiki For The Self

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Reiki Openness


All relationships are energy exchanges.  We choose some of our exchanges by intellect and emotion.  Some exchanges are chosen for us by the greater life energy.

Give and give away are two different perceptions of sharing that deeply affect the quality of our relationships.  We might worry that we give something away when we share Reiki with others.  This comes from a mistaken point of view that we supply our own Reiki energy to others which can cause distracting performance anxiety, diminish the integrity of the practice and limit the experience for everyone involved. 

The deeper truth is that Reiki energy is the energy of all life which belongs to no one and every one at the same time.  Understanding this makes for a generous practice that yields lasting benefits all around.

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Connect With Reiki

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We all want to feel connected.  If we see this as an external pursuit only we can become focused on filling our days with networking and being noticed by others.

Sometimes we pursue and maintain relationships that do not fulfill us or others in the hope that the more people we know the more we will belong in the world.  At these times our important connection with our self can get forgotten.

Connecting with others in meaningful ways takes honesty and awareness.  Caring and sharing our gifts from a healthy state of being is connecting in a way that fulfills us and nurtures community.

Releasing stress and creating calm space with Reiki practice helps us remember and live from our most authentic and vital self.  This is the deepest way to reconnect wholeheartedly with the world that we naturally belong to.




We feel most alive when we can be aware of and appreciate the moments of our lives as they are happening.  At these times we feel connected to and invigorated by life and not just coping with it.  We make this deeper connection to life with our heart.

There are many subtle layers to our state of being.  There is always somewhere inside that can be opened up, transformed and energized with Reiki care, regardless of whether our mind produces any visualizations or our body has any physical sensations during a Reiki session.

While brief sensory side effects during energy exchange can seem interesting or even exciting in the moment, they are not the true purpose of the system of Reiki.  The therapeutic effects of deep restorative rest, remembering our inner potential for wellness and reconnecting to greater life energy for the highest good, is the heart of Reiki practice.

Calm Care Reiki 'Reiki, More Than A Feel

Reiki, More Than A Feeling

Timeless Reiki

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We tend to keep time in our worldly life through doing and having expectations of ourselves and others.  We often measure the quality of life by what we have materially achieved and acquired in the outer world or what we think we still need to do and therefore what still feels lacking.  The material world keeps time with us through the obligations towards it that we have developed in our minds.  

When we have a daily spiritual practice such as the Reiki system we realize that the value of our life is more than our ever changing thoughts and actions.  We appreciate that everything in our reality is energetically connected by an intelligent consciousness that nurtures life and is not limited by time or space.  We are inspired by deeply knowing in our hearts through compassionate self practice that we all belong equally to this eternal source of life energy and that we all possess within us the ability to live into our full potential for healing and helping.

Reiki Gently There



Being there for others need not deplete us.  The key is to hold space unconditionally.

Wanting ourselves, others and situations to be different from what they are meant to be at this time and seeking results before they are meant to happen is mind work that imposes a controlling tone which disrupts the peace and trust of shared space.

Holding space while striving to achieve a particular outcome is a closed state of being which is limiting because it does not allow for the unknowable therapeutic and educational potential of energy exchanges.

The gift of the Reiki system if we practice it wholeheartedly is to gently elevate us beyond our discomfort and impatience with what is and help us attune to greater life energy which supports all change, growth and transformation when the time is right.

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Steady With Reiki

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To train in the system of Reiki requires both learning and surrender.  Mastering the outer techniques results in certification.  Practicing the inner spiritual guidelines every day results in peace of mind for life.

We can conduct appealing looking Reiki sessions to the unaware merely on technique alone but to truly honour the deeper integrity of the system and the greater life energy that works through it when we can be an open channel we must be willing to let go of the personal desire to do, prove, compare, attach to sensations, try to explain the shared moment or define and thus limit the other person.  

Holding space with quiet respect for the subtle and sacred healing legacy of the system and the value of everyone as they are will assure steady service of unconditional caring and sharing for the greater good.



Reiki is the Japanese term for the greater life energy that animates our reality and every living thing in it including ourselves.  It is a biological fact that we are all equally connected to this life sustaining force for as long as we live.  Where we differ as individuals is in how our mind and body interact with this energy as it moves through us and our lives.

The dynamic nature of energy greater than ourselves is such that although it is shared it cannot be owned.  In the same way Reiki self healing practice is for quieting our intellectual desire to analyze, fix, achieve, control or manipulate.  Instead we practice simply holding relaxed and compassionate space for ourselves and others so that the beauty of just being alive can shine through us all just as we choose to be.

Calm Care Reiki 'Easy Does It With Reiki

Easy Does It With Reiki

Reiki Gives Clarity

Calm Care Reiki 'Reiki For Clarity' blog



The system of Reiki is above all a spiritual self practice to enhance our own vitality for the sake of ourselves and everything we come into contact with and affect with the quality of energy we share.  


Vitality is a direct result of a healthy mental outlook towards inner and outer circumstances whatever they may be at any given time.  How we choose to create, transform, adapt to or accept life determines how life will unfold for us.

Outer circumstances are essentially neutral.  Our limited perspective is what makes them appear negative or positive.  Reiki practice gives us a natural way to tame limiting perceptions, be grateful for the life within and around us and elevate our energy for the greater good.

Remember With Reiki

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The habit of modern society is constant doing.  The focus is on keeping up, fitting in and belonging.  This leaves little time for noticing when our mind and body need healing rest and when it is time to simply be there for others.  


It is an exhausting misperception to think that life is something that we have to run after.  The fatigue comes from the emotional and physical impacts of regret, anger and worry about past, present and future.  If the depleting energy of this state of being cannot be released, it disturbs the normal functioning of cells and leads to imbalance and illness over time.

Just as we have no need to catch up to life we also do not have to become anything other than what we are meant to be at this moment.  We belong to the greater living world beyond human society.  Our basic nature is healthy and loving beneath our layers of adaptation to the material world.  We have much to contribute in just being our true, natural selves.


Self care with Reiki is a gentle but profound reminder that we have within us all that we need for living well.  

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Listening With Reiki   





Listening is essential to learning.  Learning is key for whole body development.  In order for learning to occur we need to be in an open, curious and relaxed state of mind about what can be learned by listening. 


Active listening allows us to notice messages coming from both our inner and outer environment.  Listening from a healthy state of being allows us to be able to pay special attention to the messages that are life affirming and to benefit from the healing vibrational energy that these messages carry. 

Reiki practice promotes whole body receptivity to the potential for enhanced health that is everywhere, waiting to be heard.

Reiki For Mindfulness  

Calm Care Reiki 'Reiki for Mindfulness'




The best possible life is one that is creative, meaningful, inclusive and sustainable over time.  We can enjoy this healthy quality of life if we can be curious and caring with ourselves and the world so that we can learn what we and others need and can contribute.

Practicing daily awareness of how we and others are interacting with our surroundings is mindfulness.  Noticing like this allows us to take advantage of opportunities for learning and sharing when they arise. 

With all the activity, responsibility, and distraction of modern living, it is not always easy to notice everyone's gifts, life's opportunities and to avoid energy drains.  Each day that we are not able to restore ourselves through rest without environmental disturbances, we reduce our ability to be well and live fully.

Rest may be all that is keeping you from being your best.  Reiki spiritual practice and life energy therapy supports deep rest and renewal and is a mindful step towards wellness.

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