We all emit a biofield of energy and are all connected to greater universal energy.  You can benefit equally from my experienced in-person and remote Reiki care. 


Calm Care Reiki sessions are an energetic partnership.  I arrive ready to provide supportive and energized space for your renewal process. You arrive ready to take time to care for yourself.  Regular Reiki care can help you to be at your best for life.  Reiki Practitioners are not qualified to counsel, diagnose illness or prescribe medication.


In-person session

Your in-person Reiki therapeutic experience is one dedicated hour of deep healing rest on your choice of treatment table or chair in my clinic space in Burnaby.  I focus life energy using my hands placed near or lightly on your body while you rest deeply, release internalized stress and regain vitality.  Your comfortable clothing is worn at all times.  It is best to avoid eating at least one half hour before arrival.  

Remote session

For clients new to me or to remote Reiki care I offer you the option of a 15 minute introductory meeting by phone, Skype or Facetime before your remote Reiki session.  

Your remote Reiki therapeutic experience is one dedicated hour of deep healing rest in your own space.  From my own quiet space I set my focus on the connection of universal energy between us and my intention on holding safe space for you to rest deeply, release internalized stress and regain vitality.  You can ensure best results for yourself if you choose a quiet, uninterrupted space with a comfortable temperature and surface to recline on.  Also avoid eating at least one half hour before arrival. 


$ 85   / 60 minutes

$ 100 / 90 minutes 

cash and e-transfer


FSN Wellness Studio

5621 Goring Street

Burnaby BC

one block south of

Holdom Skytrain Station

By appointment

Friday - Sunday

Based in Vancouver  BC  Canada.

Serving the global community.

Canadian Reiki Association
International Assocation of Reiki Professionals

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