About Reiki

Preserving whole person vitality is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your life with others. 

Reiki is a Japanese term that describes the energy that enlivens all matter, a spiritual growth practice for the practitioner and an energy therapy modality for the recipient.

Reiki sessions are quiet and non invasive. The practitioner holds compassionate and energized space for the recipient to rest deeply, release stress and reconnect with individual and collective life energy. There is no Massage, Counseling or Prescribing.

Anyone can be trained in Reiki practice who is curious about unconditional caring, interconnection and the mystery of life.

Calm Care Reiki honours the Japanese Reiki tradition of daily spiritual practice by the practitioner as the foundation for quality presence and service for the greater good.


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About me

I meet life with curiosity. Nature's energy reserves fascinate and inspire me. Community teaches me every day about the creativity, compassion and resilience of the human spirit and the potential in everyone for self healing, or in other words, returning to wholeness.  

Reiki practice, study and mentorship began for me in 2011 at the Zen Centre of Vancouver. Since Master Practitioner and Teacher Level IV certification I have continued to deepen my practice with the International House of Reiki in Australia.  I hold Registered Teacher membership with the Canadian Reiki Association and the International Association of Reiki Professionals. I write for the CRA's quarterly newsletter.

My daily spiritual practice with Reiki is a life long learning experience. I bring the same calm, caring and committed approach to the service I provide.